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29-30 October 2018. Agriscape. The International Exhibition on Agricultural Investments Abroad

17 сентября 2018 года

29-30 October 2018. Agriscape. The International Exhibition on Agricultural Investments Abroad

Agriscape is a unique event, part exhibition, part one to one meetings, part workshops, part networking, gathering agri-land buyers and providing an unmissable platform for available land and food factories on the international scene. For the first time ever sellers and buyers of international farmland and agricultural assets will gather under one roof to discuss and compare the latest on offer.

Agriscape is a closed event, with visitors admitted by invitation only. In order to preserve a proper ratio, a maximum of 50 exhibitors from the entire world and 300 international buyers from more than 50 countries (including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, China, Korea, Singapore, USA, Russia and Europe) will attend. All buyers are decision makers from renowned companies involved in food security and agricultural investments. 100 of these buyers are fully hosted (return ticket and hotel accommodation) by the organizers.

For more information about AGRISCAPE please contact Omar Hassan
Mobile: +971 50 4521272